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Security Systems

Facility and Data Protection and Safety Systems

Access Control
• Entry to the building is regulated by key card entry.
Access to the storage area is via locked door and keypad into the corridor and  locked door into the storage area. All doors are kept closed and locked. The storage area is intruder alarmed.
• Only authorized persons have access to the storage area.
Temperature Control
Temperature and humidity are monitored by software under the name HWg-PFMS. Measuring devices record the temperature and humidity of the warehouse electronically every 2 minutes. The data are transferred to data server (cloud).
IT Security
We use the backup cloud storage that refers to saving data to an off-site storage system, that is usually maintained by our IT manager, It allows us to store data in a remote database.
Power Generation And Backup
• GEOSTORAGE ‘s own depots are all equipped with main power stations (80kVA) to support uninterrupted operation of the facilities for at least 24 hours.
• In addition to the back-up generator in case of power loss, a generator (20kVA) is also used.
• There is a 10kVA online UPS device at place. 
• Maintenance of the devices. Calibrations of all measurement devices are performed at regular intervals and calibration documents are kept on file.
• Security alarms are connected to the local police station. The police response time was stated as approximately 5 min.
• Also system triggers automatic phone calls to our team.
• 24/7 security of the building is provided by licensed security agencies. Additional security measures include video monitoring of work areas, electronic key access to main storage.
Fire Protection
• There are also fire extinguishers (with powder) within easy reach in both office and warehouse areas.
• There are also smoke detectors within warehouse and office areas.
On activation the fire alarm will automatically alert and transmits the signal through  the message on the phone of the employees.  The alarm system is also connected to the local fire brigade. The response time is 5-10 minutes.
Pest Control
  • Pest control is outsourced to a vendor that performs monitoring on a monthly basis. The approved pesticides are being used on Warehouse are documented within this SOP and approved by the Turkish MoH and WHO for use in pharmaceutical facilities. In addition to the contractor visits, the vendor performs regular visual documented inspections. Pest control in the facility is carried out by a certified provider ensuring that insect and rodent free conditions are maintained. Special attention is paid to compliance with international storage standards.
Air conditioner system
  • Ventilation system-category of innovative and reliable ducts aimed at creating and maintaining of healthy microclimate in premises of various functional purposes.
  • Chiller – refrigeration unit that is used for indoor air conditioning on an industrial scale. It is able to withstand the temperature level that will ensure uninterrupted operation of the production equipment.
  • Fan Coil – units have become a hall mark for de-central air treatment, with top levels of comfort and truly impressive cost-effectiveness.